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[12-19 16:42:31,113, 1224672] net timeouts_0 - INFO accountserver.w : name "777"; socket / -> /; closed true closed (deliver HostPortMsg timeout expired; null)

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Let's start with a nice Hello,

I close this topic and move it into trash section because :

  • We aren't bots, but humans, so when you want to communicate with us, please use the basis of human beings communication and politeness
  • You don't tell anything about your problem, a simple line of log doesn't allow us to fully understand your problem
  • And you don't explains in which case it appears.

You know leechers aren't really appreciated here, you better should try fully understand what you are doing and mostly you should learn how to ask help from other peoples.

So when you learned this, you can make a new topic that respect what I told you : politness and details about your issue.
Not open for further replies.

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