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do I think 3 years ago that I created an admin panel, which contained various information from accounts, souls, avatars, ships, guild, mail and auction.
had a simple website, with the possibility of registration and login, also with an email confirmation system.
with this I published in for free.

but I always think it would give to do more things, or even redo.
Today I decided to look for the site eternal-call, but the same was offiline, and then through ragezone I saw this new forum, which also contains old topics of eternal-call

nowadays with the constant updates of PHP and other components, I believe that my system created more than 3 years, has become obsolete,
such as mysql functions that have become obsolete in new PHP updates.

I liked to have created an administrator panel for allods (same to ragnarok that I also created),
but there was something missing for this panel:
which was to open and read the bin files, which are hosted on the character table
I think this file contains a lot of other information, which would be nice to see through the panel, or even edit them.
but I've never figured out any way to unpack and read the information contained therein.
In the last few years has anyone been able to read the content in these files?

another issue is that you edit something in DB and have an effect on the game, you need to restart the client, edit a guild through the DB, you need to restart the server. this was always a problem, but I think it could be done through Hessian, and get the instant result in the game.

has also been discovered some way to add new features without having to change from an existing id?
for example in Ragnarok Online, it is possible to basically edit everything, to make another game using ragnarok as a base, as in this case pokerag...
and in the case of Allods Online, is it possible to make another game, another story, basically edit everything?

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Hello Bruno !

I remember very well about what you're talking for, I used your panel for our previous server and thanks to you for your work !

About your questions I thinks that Paulus Paulus may be able to answer you. Personally I don't know.
About editing, when you have necessary tools you are able to do what you want, edit everything, create everything.


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Hi !

Concerning bin blob files in database, it is possible to read them from java code. It's just serialized data (there are writeCpp functions in java code that goal is to write those files) but the game already exports some csv files which many informations regarding player transactions, experience growth, gold growth, speed hack, ect ... you can have a look at it, it's very usefull if you want to create a dashboard.

I don't know about the database changes that are not taken immediatly in account in server but you would rather use commands than direct database edit to avoid that, you can create custom commands to add functionnality you want directly in java code.

You can add as many idsas you want in server but there is a client replicated database that manage all graphical elements from the game. So if what you want to create require visuals things you have to edit the dclient database (some tools exist but are not for free). Once you have the tool you can do whatever you want with the game, still client-server API that cannot be redefined (at least I've not seen anyone that have done that).


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Да спасибо большое ^.^

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